Adsorption of gases by internal combustion of trimobiles using activated carbon filter of mauritia flexuosa and cocos nucifera

Ana N. Sandoval, Jhon Tavera, Fernando Vela, Kriss M. Calla, Rafael Arturo Alba Callacna, Herry Lloclla, Jhonny W.Valverde Flores

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Air pollution in urban areas is a severe problem such as intense traffic by different types of vehicles, deforestation, gas emissions from factories, which turn the air into real smog clouds, directly affecting the health of people and negatively contributing to climate change. Therefore, the objective of the research was to evaluate the adsorption of gases by internal combustion of trimobiles using the activated carbon filter of Mauritia flexuosa and Cocos nucífera. Regarding the methodology, 148 g of Mauritia flexuosa seed and Coco nucifera endocarp were used. The samples were washed to be incinerated in a muffle oven at 600° C for 30 minutes, obtaining 87g of carbon from Mauritia flexuosa and 105g of Cocos nucifera, the activation of the carbon was by chemical activation using 50% H3PO4. The activated carbon filter was constructed to join the trimobil exhaust pipe. The amount of activated carbon was determined taking into account the volume of the filter and the diameter of the carbon, 87 g of activated carbon from Mauritia flexuosa and 105 g of Cocos nucifera were weighed on an electronic scale to be placed in the activated carbon filter, an internal combustion gas analyzer was used before and after applying the filters, the measurement was made at 0, 6, 12 and 18 hours making 3 repetitions for each time and species. The percentage difference formula was used to determine the percentage of efficiency of the activated carbon filters. The results reflect that there is an efficiency of gas adsorption with activated carbon filters, the most efficient being Cocos nucifera at 0, 6, 12 and 18 hours there was a CO adsorption of 51.4%, 52.5%, 54.3% and 60.9% respectively and with HC 54.5%, 62.8%, 65.8% and 67.3%, considerably minimizing the emission of gases, being a viable and ecologically friendly investigation.

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PublicaciónChemical Engineering Transactions
EstadoPublicada - 2021


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