Biomes of Mangifera indica and Vitis vinifera for the Production of Biodegradable Sorbets

Celeste V. Gallardo Bravo, Xiomara A. Velasquez Ruiz, Jorge Jave Nakayo, Veronica Tello Mendívil, Carlos Castañeda Olivera, Elmer Benites-Alfaro

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The use of plastic straws (straw) has become a habit under the pretext of being a way of caring for health in the face of the lack of hygiene of the containers that serve food (drinks, juices, etc.), accentuated even more as a way to avoid contagion of diseases such as COVID 19; This has resulted in the generation of abundant solid plastic waste that has a negative impact on the contamination of soil and water. Faced with this problem, the objective was to produce sorbets with biodegradability characteristics from Mangifera indica and Vitis vinifera shell biomass, taking advantage of their rich content of starch and cellulose. The production method consisted of testing various doses of shell biomass of the aforementioned species, analysing their physical and mechanical characteristics, as well as biodegradability, to corroborate it later with a survey of the level of satisfaction of the elaborated product that obtained the best properties. The results indicated that the Mangifera indica shells had higher starch content compared to the Vitis vinifera shells; On the contrary, regarding the cellulose content, the Vitis vinifera husks had a higher quantity, resulting in a harder and more resistant bioplastic. Finally, it is concluded that biodegradable straws from biomass of Mangifera indica and Vitis vinifera are a significant solution compared to conventional ones, with the important advantage of being biodegradable in a short time and their characteristics are similar to plastic straws, to the time they turned out to have a good level of acceptance by the respondents.

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PublicaciónChemical Engineering Transactions
EstadoPublicada - 2022


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