Modelo de predicción para Síndrome metabólico en adultos de Trujillo, Perú

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Introduction: The metabolic syndrome is a confluence of metabolic alteration that involves blood glucose and lipid profile, blood pressure, and especially obesity that increase cardiovascular risk. Objective: To estimate a prediction model for metabolic syndrome (MS) in adults from the District of Trujillo (Peru) on the basis of atherogenic, anthropometric and lifestyle indicators. Material and Methods: A total of 260 adults between 30 and 65 years old from the City of Trujillo participated in the study. MS was identified using the ALAD and harmonized ATP III criteria, and a questionnaire containing questions on lifestyles was applied. Logistic regression was used for statistical analysis. Results: The results of the study show that 70,8% and 38,5% consume soda and snack; 56,2 % and 58,1 % do not consume fruits and vegetables; and 47,7 % of them do not do physical activity. According to ALAD and ATP III, 46,2 % and 48,1 % presented MS, respectively. The BMI (OR: 11,014; 95 % CI: 4,337-27,971); Castelli Index (OR: 2,344; 95 % CI: 1,074-5,113) and TG / HDL (OR: 3,584; 95 % CI: 1,774-7,242) were associated with MS according to ALAD criteria. Sex (OR: 2,385; 95 % CI: 1,2-4,739); Age (OR: 1,939; 95 % CI: 1,032 - 3,644); BMI (OR: 5,880; 95 % CI: 2,547-13,576); Castelli index (OR: 2,935; 95 % CI: 1,295-6,653) and TG/HDL (OR: 6,937; 95 % CI 3,232-14,889) were associated with MS according to ATP III criteria. There was no association between lifestyle and MS. Conclusions: It is concluded that the prediction model for MS according to ALAD criteria involves BMI, Castelli index and TG/HDL index; gender and age are added in the model for MS according to harmonized ATP III criteria.

Título traducido de la contribuciónPrediction model for metabolic syndrome in adults from Trujillo, Peru
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  • metabolic syndrome
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