Three-dimensional correction of complex leg deformities using a software assisted external fixator

Pierre Louis Docquier, Dante Rodriguez, Maryline Mousny

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The Taylor Spatial Frame is a computer assisted hexapod system allowing simultaneous correction of every component of complex limb deformities (leg length discrepancy, angulation, translation and rotation). We report our experience with this system in six patients. The planned correction was achieved in all cases. Minor complications occured in all but one patient without consequences ; there were four major complications: non union, callus fracture, plantar aponeurosis retraction and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in one case each. These complications were not in relation with the type of fixator used. In patients requiring correction of complex deformities, the Taylor Spatial Frame is a useful device that simplifies the planning procedure and allows simultaneous correction of any deformity in every plane. Another major advantage is the possibility to correct any residual deformity at the end of the planned procedure.

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PublicaciónActa Orthopaedica Belgica
EstadoPublicada - dic. 2008


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